iMat - the new textile Irrigation Mat

The benchmark of subsurface irrigation

Second Generation launch takes proven technology one step further! New product features and advantages!

No Threads!

Fleece layers are not sewed together, but fully combined throughout the entire area. This is important for the cutting device to avoid blockage by loose fiber threads.

Improved water storage and dispersion in the mat!

Two layers of hydrophilic polyester fleece, 300 g/ m² each warrant a higher and longer water storage capacity as well as a faster water dispersion within the mat. The roots benefit from an optimum of water supply throughout the entire area.

New, innovative dripline, no wrapping of dripline necessary

The innovative technology protects the emitter from root intrusion. The dripline does not need to be wrapped with fleece in order to prevent root intrusion. As a result, cutting and handling of the dripline is much easier and faster. The usage of a special type of raw material qualifies this dripline for LEED credit 4.2.

Easier, faster installation and less expensive installation costs.

The iMat textile Irrigation Mat is available in rolls with 0.80 and 1.20 m width. Therefore mat blankets are quicker installed and need less overlap. Only one single cutting device is necessary. For special and larger construction projects the width of the rolls can be adjusted to the required measurements of this project.

Competitive pricing

Due to the new second generation production process the iMat textile Irrigation Mat can be offered at a lower price than before. Subsequently the difference in pricing between iMat textile Irrigation Mat compared to conventional irrigation systems decreases.